How To Recover Your Hacked Google/Gmail Account?

Need of recovering Gmail account comes when your account is blocked or hacked. To avoid account block, keep using your account on regular basis. On the other hand, to prevent hackers enable the 2-step verification. Check the process of enabling the 2-step verification in other FAQ presented on this page.

Follow the below mentioned steps for recovering the Gmail account

recover gmail account
  • Step 1: Enter the password assistance page
  • Step 2: Choose "I am having other signing in problems"
  • Step 3: A wizard will open and you have to follow the instructions to restore your account

You cannot recover your account, if it's linked with other email address such as Yahoo or Hotmail.

For users, who are unable to recover the Gmail account on their own? They are most welcomed to get result-oriented solutions at Gmail technical support. You just need to dial the Gmail support helpline number and you will get quick help from an expert.

Gmail tech support New Zealand specializes in recovering hacked/blocked account. They have mastered the technique of Gmail account recovery. Contact the professionals today for receiving instant solutions.


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